Digital Graphics for a Retro Game Reboot

Penguin Character Design:


As you can see from this image I have used my thumbnail sketches to help me design my final image of the penguin. I drew him holding the egg in the design as the egg is an important asset to the game.


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Here is my final design for the penguin game character. I added colour and simple line shading to the edges. I like the final outcome for this character as it has a simple cartoon like style to it so I think the target audience will be happy with it.

Penguin Digital Sculpt:


Using the digital sculpting software Z-Brush I sculpted the penguin character. Having already designed the look to the penguin, It was easy to take it’s features and apply them to the sculpt.


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Here is my final design character sheet for the penguin sculpt. I painted the sculpt with colour after designing it to bring life to it. I then presented it through a character sheet showing multiple angles of the character. It was easy to paint the colour on to the character because I had already chosen the colours and where to put them in mt 2D concept piece. Because the penguin is long and thin I could fit multiple renders of it with a side and front view as well as a close 3D render.

Polar Bear Character Design:


Here you can see my progression through the polar bear character design. Going from a thumbnail sketch into a final line drawing.


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For the final design of the polar bear I coloured it and shaded the background.

Penguin Digital Sculpt:


Here is the progression for the polar bear sculpt in Z-Brush.


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Here is the character sheet for the polar bear sculpt rendered in Z-Brush. I made it into a character sheet to present it to the best ability. The presentation of the work is key, bad presentation does not show off your work int he best way making it look not as good. I think it is very important to present your work well. Like the penguin I presented the polar bear with a 3D rendered view but because of it’s shape I did not do a side and front render. Instead I used the space as well as I could with another render of a face closeup.

User Interface Design:



Here you can see the progression on how the user interface was designed. Like the rest of my designs I wanted to keep the consistent cartoon like style to it and I think I have done this well through the user interface. Originally the middle design sketches were going to be the score system, however I then realised that I needed a timer system that counts down rather than a score system. This was fine though because they both can look the exact same. I have labeled the user interface designs accordingly next to the sketches.


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Here is my final user interface design. I used the sketches to get an idea for how I wanted the ui design to look like. I then took them in to photoshop to create the final outcome. Once the graphics were made I made a simple animation to replicate how it would look like in game. Because this is a reboot of a retro game I wanted this to look modern and advanced in terms of technology and art work. I think the animation on the user interface works well here because of that. I am very pleased on how the user interface design turned out. One thing I was very happy about was the health hearts in the bottom left corner. I like how the smaller hearts only rotate from left to right, but the bigger heart grows larger as it rotates. I think if I was to improve this design I would animate the timer in the top right corner a little better. I am not to pleased on how it only scales in larger. I think it would look better if it also rotated slightly.

In Game Art Work:


Here is an example of how the game will look with the user interface.

Critical Evaluation:

My overall outcomes for my project mostly came out the way I wanted them to look. I think I managed to replicate how the game would look in a modern cartoon like style while keeping the original elements of the game. However not everything was going to work the way I wanted it to or turn out the way I want it to. Mostly though the outcomes are the way I want them to be and I can clearly identify any changes I would make so I can improve on future projects.

With my penguin design I was going for a cartoon like style, so I began sketching out shape designs. After reviewing these designs I chose an egg like shape so I could then detail in and colour it in image editing software such as photoshop. Once the final image had been completed I wanted to take it further by digitally sculpting it in Z-Brush. Going into the sculpt I wanted to keep the shape and features as close to the original artwork as much as possible. I knew I could do this if I was working straight from the artwork looking closely on the features. Once I began colouring the character it began to look a lot more like the original design so I was very happy there. I am very happy with how the colour turned out on the 3D model. I think it looks very similar to the artwork and keeps the cartoon style to it. I think if I was to do the sculpt again however I would have improved on the design to it. There were a lot of techniques that I learned along the way that I can put into affect into future sculpts.

For the polar bear character designs I wanted to keep the style identical to the penguins to keep it consistent. So again I began with sketching out shapes for the polar bear. Then I carried on the designs looking more into the facial features. Then again I took it into photoshop and finalized my design based on my best sketches. This time taking the character and sculpting it I was a lot more confident with the sculpting software. I think because of this my final design was more stronger than the penguin design.

My user interface designs were pretty simple but I think they give off the right style and feel to the game. I am please on how they animate and I feel that they will make the player feel more immersed into the game.

If I was to do this project again I would do more original promotional content such as posters. I think they need their original environment artwork to help promote the style of the game. For my user interface design I would spend longer animating the different objects to it. I think the animations are very simple but If more time was spent a better look could be created.