Viral Meme Idea

Usain Bolt is the first man to win the Olympic 100-meter and 200-meter races in world record time. He is known worldwide to being ‘The quickest man’ in history. Usain Bolt will be a playable character skin to use within the game. It will simply change the look of your character to resemble the look of Usain Bolt. This will fit the game well because th game has a timer to each level. The player can feel like they are super-fast playing as ‘the fastest man alive’.

In order to generate revenue for this game with the viral meme idea implemented I would have to get permission from Usain Bolt for me to be able to include him in my game and make money from the game. If I was not to ask permission for the usage of the meme idea, the rightful owner of the viral meme in this case being Usain Bolt could in fact take legal action upon the game. This could result in the game being taken down from retail stores and unable to be accessed to the public.

Usain Bolt was born and raised in Jamaica. There are possibilities that having Usain Bolt in a violent video game where the character can attack kill and die, other Jamaican citizens may take offence and complain about the game.

They may be players that have a strong liking to Usain Bolt, and including him into a violent video game may make the players take offence. They could even change their opinion on how they look at Usain Bolt. Watching their ‘role model’ kill enemies might upset them if they are not a big fan of violence. This could also affect Usain Bolt and how he wants to look to the public.

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Controversial Games on Society

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

The modern warfare 2 mission ‘No Russian’ involves you playing as a terrorist that kills mass amounts of civilians in an airport. The game was feature on news shows worldwide showing the mission where you go into the airport and kill civilians. The mission was also uploaded on the internet to video sharing websites like YouTube with millions of views for people to watch all over the world. The game gave the player an option to not include the mission from the game before they started playing it. Mass amounts of videos talking about the mission were also uploaded to video sharing sites with thousands of views each that people watched and talked about in comment sections to the videos. This gave the game huge amounts of publicity and got everyone talking about the game and its ‘No Russian’ mission. It got people who would not normally play or look into the game watch gameplay from the mission.

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Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto 5 or more commonly known as GTA 5 has an extremely graphical torture scene during the story to the game. Players have to complete this mission in order to progress and complete the game. Players are given options to various torture implements such as sledgehammers and electrical cables to torture the victim with. This game was one of the most expensive games to make, making it one of the most popular games on the market. With so many people playing and talking about this game it goes without saying that a huge amount of people are well aware of the torture scene. This got loads of people talking about it giving the game a huge amount of publicity.

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Resistance: Fall of Man

The Church of England is featured in Resistance: Fall of Man when the player is fighting against alien like creatures. The game sold more than a million copies which are considered a big hit for games. The player has to shoot and kill hundreds of enemies in the cathedral’s nave. Sony, the developers for the game were contacted by the Church and told them that they did not have permission to use the Church in their game, especially in a game where a mass amount of enemies get killed in the same environment to the Church. The Church demanded an apology and for the game to be removed from shelves or that they would take legal action. This was such a big controversy that it reached national news and was talked about all over the world.

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How Meme Games Are Generated

A meme is an idea, image or video that is copied and spread over the internet in rapid succession. The idea would commonly be funny and interesting, also slight variations would usually be made. Meme games are games that have an idea that has grown very quickly and spread around. Many games have done this and have usually made developers make different versions of the same game.

Minecraft was one of the biggest meme games to come about, A game about blocks where the player was free to explore and build. Many games followed with the same theme as Minecraft trying to get users to play their game instead of Minecraft. It’s not how the game looks or plays to make it a ‘meme game’; it is an idea within the game. Something that can start a whole new genre of games and get people creating similar games to it often refers to meme games.

There are countless Minecraft clones out there that people have created due to Minecraft’s success. Fortresscraft is a good example. Before Minecraft came to games consoles a clone of Minecraft was created for consoles so that players who could not play on the PC could play a similar version of the game.


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