Concept Art


I initially was going to hand paint a lot of levels so I began doing some rough sketches in Photoshop. I then realised how long it would take to have to draw out each individual background and paint it. I chose to scrap that idea and stick to the original cartoon idea. I don’t think hand painted backgrounds would fit well with everything else being simple shaded and cartoon like.


For the character I drew out a simple line drawing and scanned it in to the computer ready to work on in Photoshop.


I blocked him in with simple gradients to bring him to life. For a while I was using this character design until later realising he needed look a little nicer!


I further worked on the character design rendering him a bit more giving him more life. I also changed the eyes around making one bigger than the other.


Once I had the final character design in Photoshop layers it was pretty straight forward in animating him. Here is a walk cycle.

Concept Art


Concept art is always nice to look at and gives you a better sight on how a game looks. I knew I couldn’t give my characters a realistic look to them so I created some still concept images of 3 characters. The character design 2 is the concept I used for my game. However I used a simpler and more cartoon like style for the game due to it taking to much time to consistently produce every asset in the same style and animate them.


Game Design Mind Map

mind map


I made a separate mind map looking into a tower defence game. I chose a few of the main key elements to what goes into a 2D tower defence game and broke them down into individual ideas I wanted to design my game around. I liked the idea of the game to have a cartoon art style and I made that very clear in this mind map.

Thumbnail Sketches



I drew out some thumbnail sketches for characters, environments and props. I started on the main character being the player. I knew I wanted to give him a set of armour in some form so I drew out many different designs with helmets, shields and swords on. I wanted to keep a cartoon whimsical style and feel to the whole of my drawings. With my enemie designs I tried to get a monster look to them . I think my designs look very cartoon like which is great because I am going for a cartoon art style with them.


Player (Hero)



Enemie (Boss)









Mobs (Other characters)


Mood Boards

I designed a few mood boards to help me generate ideas for a 2D game.


Environment Mood Board                         Hero (Player) Mood Board

Environment Mood board    Hero Mood board



Boss(Enemie) Mood Board                        Princess Mood Board

Boss Mood board    Princess Mood board



Props Mood Board

Props Mood board


I collected all my references for my mood boards in a word doc. Mood Board Reference